5 Foods to Lower Cholesterol

Posted by Aaron W.

Find out about the everyday, easy-to-find foods that can help you improve your cholesterol. These 5 foods will keep you and your doctor smiling when the blood work results come back!

5 Foods to Lower Cholesterol

Posted by Aaron W.

Find out about the everyday, easy-to-find foods that can help you improve your cholesterol. These 5 foods will keep you and your doctor smiling when the blood work results come back!

% of Adults, Adolescents, Children Overweight

Posted by Aaron W.

The trend of overweight individuals in the U.S. has risen significantly over the past 40 years, see the statistics gathered by the Census Bureau for yourself.


Posted by Aaron W.

I hope you find this blog helpful and easy to use, and I hope you can use it to improve upon you own health. Take on your own health!

4 Keys to Weight Loss

Posted by Aaron W.

The National Weight Loss Registry has comprised a list of 4 keys to weight loss, based off their study of over 5,000 participants who have lost weight (over 30 lbs) and kept it off (at least 1 year).

Calorie-burn at Rest

Posted by Aaron W. On 12/20/2010
From: NY Times

New research suggests that the warmth that you feel in your body for hours after a HARD workout doesn't mean you're burning calories for hours afterwards. It's more likely that the extended warmth is part our body's process of repairing minor tissue damage.  Instead, the intensity is what keeps the calories rolling off for some time.

Dr. Joseph LaForgia, an exercise physiologist at the University of South Australia, says people who exercise intensely — doing repeated sprints, for example — can experience a prolonged metabolic effect. Their metabolic rates can go up and remain elevated for seven hours after the session is finished.
PushEven so, the extra calories burned were about 10 percent of the calories burned during the intense exercise.

As for people who exercised moderately, like most people do, the small increase in metabolism lasted no more than two hours and added up to only about 5 percent of the amount they burned while exercising. And since a modest exercise bout does not burn nearly as many calories as an intense one, people who exercised modestly ended up with very few extra calories burned afterward.

If you workout HARD during exercise and you are in better shape, you will likely get longer (up to 7 hours) calorie-burn compared to those that workout moderately and are in fair or poor shape.  Keep up the hard work.

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